Free Money Team video tutorials!

I made a few tutorial videos for the Free Money Team for new and current users! It features some slick ways to save time while making more money. Check them out!

Video 2:

Video 3:

Video 3 (part 2):

Video 4:

Video 5:


CBProAds enables you place their ads on your website (like Adsense) or to make your own web store for free through their affliate ClickBank. You choose the keywords, the type of size ads, then whomever purchases the ads that you provide (or in your web store if you don't have a website) you get either a 60% to 75% commission!

Their affliate program is pretty neat too, you get 50% percent of what your referrals make!

3 Cash Machine

The 3 Cash Machine has a really nice presentation video which caught my eye and intrigued me enough to sign-up.

To me, its basically like the SpiderWeb Marketing System, but with a more emphasis on quality rather than the quantity of income streams. Their is also a nice amount of traffic resources and programs to help you promote the program to gain more sign-ups.

Winzy Search

Every time you search on Winzy, you gain points that can be used to win free prizes and loads of cash with! You also gain points by playing their arcade games (like rock, paper, scissors, and a slot machine), referring others, and there is a monthly contest to win $1,000.

Its a really, really slick and great program that enables you to download their search client for use in Firefox, next your other search engines for easy use. This banner below will show my current points and referrals with this program, so keep an eye on it!

Win Free Prizes


This is similar to DailyCashRewardz, but there isn't too many free trials you can do, a majority of them are trials that you need a credit card to use for them. The best feature, in my opinion is the $5 dollar sign-up bonus, also, you get $1.00 referral bonus! According to the banner status, I only have 1 dollar, which is one referral, I haven't done any tasks there yet.

Free Money at FusionCash!


I've been using DailyCashRewardz since about April or so. Its a very good site that ways on time with no bull. The rewards for completing a task can range from .10 cents to all way the 20.00 bucks. A majority of them are free, and some need the use for a credit card (which I don't bother to use).


SEPTEMBER 2008 UPDATE : This month I only made just 19 bucks, not enough to cashout for me unfortunately. I didn't really do too many offers and surveys this month. Hopefully I will make enough in October to cash out.

So far, I only have 5 referrals, none of them are active or made me a lot of money this month so far.

OCTOBER 2008 UPDATE: Carrying funds from September, I finally had enough to cashout! I made $21.89. I didn't do much work in October, I've been busy with other programs, but its good nonetheless. They paid me fairly quickly too!

I also created a youtube video showing my back office. Its my VERY first time making this kind of video, so it might be kinda blurry, I should've rendered as a different resolution size, and next time I will use auto zoom, lol. When I recorded it, I had a sore throat and it was real late, so I had to be real quiet...